Posted: 3 years ago. Interesting prologue What is the reason behind his revenge????? Do continue. This story is entirely a work of fiction.

All characters are imaginary and don't relate with real life. If this story seemed similar to any other story on IF or some other site, then its merely a co incidence or I may have been inspired by the story.

This is a dark ff and us going to be full of hot romance.

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Any harsh comment will made the writer stop right the moment. The birds chirped outside with smooth breeze of wind blowing. The room was dark and he was sitting on the sofa, looking to the girl sleeping on the bed, covering herself with the sheet. He was proud of himself of teaching her a lesson. She was the reason behind all the destructions happened with, and in his life.

She was the damn reason! He had vowed to destroy her. Her deeds did nothing, but spoiled his life. Spoiled his reputations. His career and his future. He recalled about the past night. The way he touched every part of her body and the way she mourned every time. The time she unclenched her fists to squeeze his shoulders. The time when he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

He switched on the lights and looked back at Anika. She was sleeping with tears on corner of her eyes. He walked over to her, not realizing last night but very well noticing now that there was blood on the sheets.May be few of you can relate to this….

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes……. Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……. Wedding of Shivaay was performed beyond expectations….

shivika ff epilogue

Every ritual was performed as per the rules and traditions…. She who never believed God started believing in himbecause she understood that she was destined to have this after the hardships of her life…. Shivaay was never happy more than this in his life…he had his family complete….

Soon after wedding ended the post marriage rituals took place…. Pinky came and handed over the keys of Oberoi Mansion to her…Anika denied but everyone insisted….

Tej came and gave her the shares of Oberoi Industries as they knew Anika was the wall behind stabilising it…. Anika had nothing to give in return so she promised everyone to keep the house united and happy ever after……. Anika blushed turning her cheeks into deeper shades of meroon……she was shying bending her head down unable to face the elders present there….

Anika held his hand and made him jump over the window…she took him to the backdoor and ran along with him…. Shivaay sat and OmRu drove off to the helipad read…the chopper was ready and so was their small luggage. OmRu bid bye to both of them wishing them all the best…the chopper took them and landed in the helipad area built over the hotel in Kodaikanal. Shivaay was amazed and Anika held his hand and walked to the room they wanted to spend their special night with…she then covered herself with the viel.

Shivaay lifted her veil up and then pulled it down…. Shivaay traced his fingers on her face bringing them towards her lips…. Anika turned sideways feeling shy…he made her face him and took on her lips placing a soft kiss…Anika was also getting ready…when he pulled back himselfshe made a move to hold him on kissed him deep…. Shivaay smiled at her and he started his work on her body……the clothes were feeling uncomfortable to stay there, so they happily bid bye from their bodies without their knowledge….

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While the perfumes applied to themselves provided the aromatheir names taken out of the pleasure was the music to their ears…. That day saw the most beautiful reunion of them and it continued till the broad daylight woke them up …….

Tired they smiled looking at themselves, they knew they have many more nights to undergo the same pleasure besides working hard for the new future…. Got up and got readied and left to the helipad area, took the chopper and reached the OM….

Pinky and Jhanvi came and took Anika with her to explain her everything else while Shivaay winked at her and gave her flying kiss……. The family was completed and so were Shivaay and Anika….

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Surpanaka story ended on a happy note …………. Hey Readers, thank you each and everyone of you for being there to support me by voting and posting your opinions…. Many of you asked where did i get those names from….

Surpanaka by my friends as i really used to be angry those days and off course there was Mr. Ritchie RichMr. Karchi, Mr. I have tried a complete new genre for writing this ff and i hope i have been good if not better in portraying…. Last but not the least…i hope i can see each one of you who supported me to beby my side whenever i come back with a new write up…Right now going on a short break to revive my thinking for some new plot on some new genre….

Till then please do take care of yourselves, keep smiling…. Husband and Daughter - heart of my life Reading and writing - part of my life Parents and God - Light of my life. A very happy ending and please enjoy your time off…It is well deserved. Blessings a thousand folds for you and your family! Please stay blessed until we meet again! Hey Yvonne.Posted: 2 years ago. All is well when End Is well. It's really an happy ending He is so guilty that he was ready to leave his baby and Anika for their sake But fortunately she got the news and brings him back This one is really so heart touching Tnq so much for pm Hi dear!

Well first let me tell you that I absolutely adored your ff. Tbh I was just looking for good ff's to read as I'm a huge shivika fan. Then I found yours. I found the 9th chapter and started to read it just to see if I liked it or not and guess what? Seriously hun your way of writing is just WOW! Its beautiful! Love your ff so much! Loved it Don't have words to express what I'm feeling right now Pl update the epilogue soon Not even five seconds more!

shivika ff epilogue

Come on, get up. But he was not in a mood to listen to her. But suddenly she realized he was pulling her down. She fell on him. Go to sleep. You need a lesson.Hello peeps…????? Okay you all have already read title so you all know today I am up with pending epilogue of It started with dare.

And all I want to say is hope you all will like it. After packing her lips Shivay scoop Anika in his arms and start walking towards bed where she can sleep peacefully after reaching near bed Shivay carefully put Anika on bed and went outside with determination in mind to make everything perfect between them….

Near around 10 Anika wake up and find herself in bed which surprised her but seems like today is surprise day for her while she is taking off duvet from herself she find a note on corner of duvet which readsreads.

After reading note Anika is sure that Shivay is behind all this with a happy face she leave for bathroom. After completing her bath she took bathrobe to wear and there she find another note attach to bathrobe. Anika smiles after reading note and went to bad and there she find dress which surprise her and take her in small flashback.

Shivay and Anika are at mall where Anika likes a dress which has Sky blue and purple color Shivay want Anika to choose Sky blue but Anika wants purple and this leads to their small cute fight and later shop owner said them that both dress are sold so ShivIka leave from there….

All this time of flashback Anika is caressing dress and she felt like a paper attached to dress and it brings her to present and she find a paper fold in heart shape,stick to dress with tape and Anika carefully unfold heart she found a note which reads.

Anika again smile and starts being ready. After being ready she went to temple in their room and prays to God and she pick up matchstick box to lit diya and she find a note attached to match stick box she complete her pooja and read note which reads. As soon as Anika enter inside she saw whole terrace land is hidden by heart shaped white and red balloons and carefully sh made her way not popping any of them and she found table for two and Shivay in deep blue three piece suite and as soon as Anika reach near her side of chair Shivay pull chair for her and she sat in it with smile and Shivay push it slowly and he sat on his chair and he started serving breakfast to her and he serve heart shaped Dosa and heart shaped omelette to her and she is happy with it and soon in comfortable silence they had their breakfast and soon Shivay bring heart shaped creamy gajar ka halwa for her and she is happy seeing her favorite dessert and she soon started gobbling it but in very first bite she found a paper in halwa and same time s felt metal on her tongue and she take out it and that chit and she find a solitaire studded with tiny diamonds ring and soon she unfold paper which is reading.

And happy tears are started making their way from her eyes and soon she felt a pair of hand hugging her from behind and she turned and look into his deep blue orbs and smiled through her tears and wiping that tears by kiss Shivay bring that ring in front of her eyes and speak.

Shivay make her wear ring and very next second Anika cupping face in her hand started kissing him and Shivay to kiss her back with same passion and soon they broke as they are in need of oxygen and Shivay speak. And saying that he scoop her in his arms and make his way to bedroom and he laid her on bed beneath him and started kissing her hardly and soon their clothes are on land discussing with each other how their owner ditch them and Shivay give full demonstration to Anika for the preparation of his double dare.

So done with update now all of your task starts so plz give your feedback regarding this update I am waiting eagerly for all of yours feedback. Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep My Last Love…. Shot 1…. I loved it that much. Romantic epilogue. Loved it re. Anika: Om married first and now rudra. Why on earth you are not married?? Universe wants to know. Wow chocopie…. Its awesome…. I mean u always write the best…. Anika k dailog were superrb….

Well chocopie you gave this story the ending which it so much deserved. Loved it its amazing. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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A password will be e-mailed to you.Hello peeps…????? Mallika: Shut up Rudy, Dadi Anika have helped me and Sid a lot so I actually we want to fulfill duty if her elder brother and brother-in-law in this marriage so allowed us to take her with us.

Everyone one present is delighted with their decision and after arguing for a while they decide that Anay will go to OM while Anika will be staying with Ranas. Anay: Aap meri mumma ki choice jante hi nai ho and kanji annkho wale baghad bills tum se ye expect nai kiya tha With sad face. Anay: Hitting his head Are baba mumma loves red roses then why are you spending money on this flowers with weird name. In ordering tone with taddibazi. And next second he cried rather to act to cry grabbing attention of Oberois ladies and soon they come to know while scenario and making him happy Pinky punished OmRu to decorate whole hall with red roses and smiling Anay hug his Dadi making her feel blessed and she kissed his head and forehead with love and content.

And Shivay is smiling while looking at this bundle of joy. And soon father-son duo send everyone out as they want to discuss something important and and HiFi each other and soon they left taking Prinku with them and on the way to their destination they call Mallika to reach there and soon they completed half mission. And they take blessing from elders and soon Shivay blindfolded Anika and along with her all are surprised excluding Prinku Anay and Mallika and Shivay scoop her in his arms and bring her to room and here Mallika and Prinku told everyone to wait.

In room Shivay romantically tease blindfolded Anika and change her clothes. OK no description let them have privacy…?? So done with Epilogue. Let me know how it is??? Waiting eagerly for all of our feedback. Mushkil yeh ishq DevAkshi Episode 6. Hey girls…… I m late i knoe… But thoda busy thi….

N d epi u r amazng duo…. I m jn luv wid it…… Munhe anay bahottt accha lagaa…. More than shivika… His tadi. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Please review our policy and accept it. Accept Read More. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Forget password?

Scars ~ Part 40 ~ FINAL PART

Remember me. Sign in Recover your password. A password will be e-mailed to you. Fan Fiction Ishqbaaz. Like 0 Dislike 0. We recommend.Hello peeps.???? Okay fine here goes epilogue.

shivika ff epilogue

Enjoy it…????? Previous Shot: Here. Shivay: Anika you know I am feeling bad because the day I decided to give chance to us you are going far from us and…. But he stopped in between as he notice his beautiful wife is lost in his deep blue orbs and he smiled looking at her and soon he find to much affection for him in that chocolaty orbs so smiling Shivay speak in his husky shaking his wife.

Shivay: Anika are you in love with me???? Anika coming to her sense nod her head in negative and this sad Shivay but he composing him pulling her more close he speak. And with their he is about give peck on her lips but one more announcement made for Anika specially and listening this Anika push Shivay and smilingly she turned and leaving from there she speak. Anika smiled hearing this and like every normal girl she to want her husband to love her like this and now her dream is actually come to true and she happy more than any thing and turning lil she look into his eyes she speak.

And soon Shivay scoop her in his arms and move to thee bedroom to have wonderful night of their life. Okay done with epilogue hope you all liked it.

Plz plz do leave your feedback and I seriously like to know from you all what you peeps like the most in this 5S???? I am sad that its over but??????????? I am very happy that I read an amazing story. It stole my heart away. I really really loved it. Keep rocking…. Perfect epilogue ,and that things he said to tia is all I want.

Di why you end this story???????????????? I am sad with end as this on I on of my favorite story and I want to read it more and more but you ended.?????? Feeling sad reading epilogue…????? I enjoyed it. I hope some day I can come up with ideas like you. Suprrrrrb … fantastic….Something was wrong in the air. Try as he might, Shivay wasn't being able to settle himself down to enjoy this hard-earned Friday night dinner date with Tia. He had always prided himself on finding a life partner who really understood him but he wondered how Tia could be so blind to his restlessness.

Vipassana, reiki, karma all jumbled together in his head as he fought the urge to tell her to stop with her positive energy.

He generally respected her interests but he couldn't explain this growing irritation. However, before he could say something he would regret later, he was saved by a phone call. It was Mrs. Tia's designer was coming over with her dress for some final alterations and Tia had to be there.

He watched her drive off and heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately he felt guilty. What was the matter with him? Why wasn't he able to relax and enjoy some quality time with Tia? She was one of the most accommodating people he knew and if he couldn't find comfort in her presence, he was surely doomed.

ISHQBAAZ - What really happened - BTS - Shivika - Screen Journal

Was Anika right? Was he seriously a curmudgeon beyond redemption? That was not what she had called him though It was Anika's fault. Rubbing him the wrong way all day long with her annoying behaviour.

If his mother hadn't been bad enough, Anika was definitely the new and improved version, badgering him with details of a wedding which he had no time for at present.

Admittedly she had stopped calling him 'Billuji' to his face. But he knew it from those eyes of hers that she was thinking it! Which was just as bad. It had to be that wretched Anika's fault that he was always on edge these days. Entering the Oberoi mansion, Shivay felt his restlessness increase. Lately with all the wedding preparations going on, the house was rarely silent. Hordes of decorators would be milling around generally getting in everyone's way. Then there were the builders renovating the east wing, the house staff going over every speck twice and the hapless security team trying to bring some order to this chaos.

And the ringmaster to this circus was none other than his beloved Daadi and her lately installed side-kick,Anika. However, today the house was silent.

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The brightly lit hall lay empty. After changing into his kurta pyjama, Shivay peeped into Om's studio. A chat with his brother would help him sort out his emotions. The room lay empty. Om's bedroom was empty. Rudra's room was empty. Priyanka was nowhere to be seen. Even Daadi was missing. Where had the whole lot gone?

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