A breakup always feels so permanent when it happens. But it doesn't necessarily mean that a relationship is over and done for good. In fact, getting back together with an ex happens all the time. It's also one of the most common topics people turn to astrology for. According to astrologer Tina Carothere are three zodiac signs that can look forward to re-connections, reconciliations, and redos throughout the new year.

Those who have gone through a breakup in the last year or so will have an opportunity to make wrong things right again in According to Caro, the year ahead is going to be full of twists and turns. In fact, not all zodiac signs are equipped to handle starting over with an ex. Regardless of the year, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra are signs who are most likely to have successful relationships with exeswhether it's romantic again or not.

According to Caro, Geminis are naturally friendly and have the strength to forgive, Virgos know how to start new chapters in their lives, and Libras want harmony in all their relationships. Since they're Air signs, it's easy for them to recover after a breakup and transform it into something new. Getting back together with an ex isn't always easy. But these are the zodiac signs who are most likely to do it inaccording to Caro.

According to Caro, this Fire sign can be a bit prideful. If their ego took a hit during the breakup, it's going to take a lot for them to respond to an ex, forgive them for any wrongdoings in the past, or even recognize where they were the problem in the relationship.

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But according Caro, will bring Leos the opportunity to push their ego aside and actually listen to what their heart is telling them. Neptune is going to transit your fourth house of home and family, so the influence could cause you to be more forgiving and understanding in your relationships.

Since you'll be under the influence of Saturn, there's a good chance that getting back together with your ex will lead to a stable and long-lasting relationship. That's when you'll have the most luck on your side.

InPisces will have really good opportunities to bring an ex back into their life. According to Caro, the energies coming in for you this year will cause you to question critical decisions you've made in the past, and will then lead you to reopen chapters that were once closed. The stars will make Pisces be more romantic, giving them more romantic hope and confidence to make things right again.

Just because your sign isn't on this list, it doesn't mean that you won't have a chance at getting back together with an ex.

gemini in love with ex

Retrograde periods are known for bringing people from the past back, so you never know who will come back around. These are just the zodiac signs that have more luck at reuniting with a past love in Leo July 23 - August Virgo August 23 - September 22 Neptune is going to transit your fourth house of home and family, so the influence could cause you to be more forgiving and understanding in your relationships.


Pisces February 19 - March Here are some signs to look for that can help you figure out which one it may be. He will just go ahead and stop calling you, stop spending time with you, and stop trying to reach out. No amount of texting him or trying to call him will get him to return.

gemini in love with ex

He may also do it in a quick like manner. Again, only time to let things heal over and let him see you differently may change his mind. Otherwise, there may not be a good chance of getting back together.

It always depends on the situation; of course. Saying something that is hurtful about your intelligence level or something will for sure make you understand. He may not want to be intimate with you either. This means no talking, no touching, no contact.

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Immature versions of Gemini men can definitely do this type of thing to hurt you. This is the darker road that a Gemini man may opt to do. He will always be a flirt no matter what the situation.

This also relies on length of time as well as maturity level. This is an unfortunate thing that may happen with a Gemini man who feels there is no chemistry with the woman he once loved. Getting involved with a Gemini man is risky business. There is never a guarantee that it will last with him.

Then again, there never is with anyone at all. However; he can be picky as well as flaky at times. Click here to learn more about the elusive Gemini man. Maybe it will help you to figure out better who he is before you become involved with him.

The one thing is our mental freedom.

gemini in love with ex

Another, she lies a lot and every conversation is melodramatic and starts that way with her. That does not go well with Gemenis. Not everyone wants to go back to an ex because they are playing a game. Be the one who loves to expore and experiment with him. Be the kinky, sexual confident woman, flirt boldly, dress differently, be fun and a woman he knows is.

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One of the reasons I am with a woman for 20 years is because she stood up to all her closest friends, to people online, her relatives when they talked crap about me. When I flirt with others, she is not insecure about it. And she never steps in way of my personal freedom and personal space.

No drama. No mind games. Out of all the women who do opposite and believe me they will, they cannot help doing so…. Start communicating, be fun and avoid acting distant. Why stop texting and or calling with no explanation. Thing is Gemini can be cutting with the tongue, sometimes its best to walk away quietly to avoid slicing people up and leaving them licking their wounds.

Its not nice to utter cutting words but we will not hesitate to do just that when we are pushed too far. When they fall in love, they fall deep but what happens is, moment they do fall in love, the other person thinks they got the Gemeni and they start acting up with the Gemeni.

He was in a year relationship before me.According to the Gemini Love and relationship Horoscope analysis, you may find that things are slipping from your hands and you are unable to keep things tied together. You may even feel that nothing is going right in your love life. You might even be forced by your significant other to commit to marriage.

But, remember that everything will always get back to normal. Things will never get too difficult for you to handle. Your Gemini love horoscope says that, your life will get back on track in no time at all. You shall even be able to enjoy intimate physical contact this year.

gemini in love with ex

As per the analysis of your Gemini Love and relationship astrologythose who are single and are crushing on someone, they need to make their intentions clear and let the other person know what they feel.

You might have to go out of your way to grab their attention, so do something special and make it count. From April onwards, single people can pursue the one they love as the period seems to be in their favor. The Gemini love Horoscope prediction says that, your family environment can cause a little discomfiture at home. Try to stay calm and approach issues tactfully.

Communication is the only key to solving the issues that bother your family. Warmth and harmony are the pre-requisites that must be maintained in the house. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.

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How To Get a Gemini Man Back: What No One Tells You

Gender: Male.Gemini is the Third Sign of Zodiac and is represented by the image of the twins. The Gemini zodiac sign is lively, versatile, informative, youthful and intellectual. A Gemini mind never stops, causing a lot of nervousness. Manic, entertaining and easily bored, Gemini loves to talk and network … the original social butterfly. The symbol that represents Gemini is The Twins, which explains the duality in their natural temperament. Duality is the most famous trait of Gemini, desiring more than one of everything … even lovers at times.

Living in the head, rather than the realm of emotions, Gemini has a need for stimulation of the mind. They have knowledge about many subjects, yet it is said that they know little about any one thing. They rarely dwell long in any one subject, with a deep desire to know everything and everyone. They are natural writers, newscaster, journalists, media professionals and speakers.

Giving a spin to a story is one thing that Gemini does best. The curiosity of a young mind often describes the temperament of Gemini. Rather Gemini is curious about everything and must be a part of the passing scene.

The great strength of Gemini is their ability to communicate effectively and to think clearly. Adventures of the mind are what the Twins are all about.

They also love to share themselves with their friends, and they make for charming companions. Gemini uses intelligence and communication to bridge any gaps or dissonance that may exist in life. They are great at negotiating and using any new technology that allows for communication like texting, emails, etc.

Gemini is a curious sign, with a natural ability to share many ideas with others. People love to be around them because they can be so interesting and amusing. Often contrary because of their dualistic nature, Gemini has a way of seeing many sides of a situation. A marked inconsistency in their behavior sets them apart from others. Often one day you can spot them feeling passionate about a subject, yet the next you day holding an opposing view with a vengeance. This often causes a Gemini a few raised eyebrows as well as a reputation as being a bit untrustworthy.

It is all in good Gemini fun, however, lacking a deeper motive other than a Gemini acting spontaneously and sharing what they know with those around them. Gemini lives for the moment and when sharing their opinions, they are in the moment as well. A Gemini will change with their surroundings, like a chameleon.Do you wonder if he may break it off with you and go back to her?

So, is your Gemini man still in love with his ex?

Gemini in love

Here are some things you should keep in mind when trying to piece together the puzzle. With the Gemini guy, he will not have any troubles opening up to his current partner about his ex. This is where things get a bit dicey. If you two have been together for a long time and he starts talking about her a lot out of nowhere, there may be a reason for that. He may have run into her somewhere if she lives in the same town or is traveling through. He may also have gotten a call from her.

Then there is the possibility of email or social media connection. Perhaps she sent him a friend request on one of the various social media or dating site. Why would he be on a dating site? So there are various ways that he could have recently talked to his ex thus refreshing his thoughts and possibly feelings he had for her.

This would cause him to talk about her a lot and in a pleasant way around you. You may want to ask him what the deal is if this happens. This is when you need to trust your gut.

What do you do though if he says he does still have feelings for her? This would cause him to talk about her fondly and making her seem like such a great woman. With Gemini man, you have to be gentle. It may help you get to know him that much better. I have had a gemini come to me and ask me 0ut. What to do?

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I do wish you the very best! He said he needed time and needed to figure things out. What he wanted. We always had a great connection and bond. We have great chemistry. I miss him like no other. I know he felt the same. I saw it in his actions and his eyes. His smile and ability to be silly with me and snort when he laughed.

I want him to come back.Email address:. The best way to get your Gemini ex back is to be spontaneous and to look gorgeous all over your social media.

He wants a good listener as his partner, which means you could make this work in your advantage and have him depend on you. It would be a good idea to also mention couples that have broken up and who have gotten back together afterwards. Since his sign is ruled by the planet of communication, which is Mercury, the Gemini man loves expressing himself and his ideas. He may not pay the same attention to your words, so you may have to deal with this, even if it can be painful.

His main trait is being communicative, but only when it comes to him talking, not to him listening. He would love a woman who can observe anything because he really wants the spotlight to be on him and for his words to reach as many people as possible.

Geminis love going out and socializing. When someone is objecting the way the Gemini man is living, he may become very angry and decide to leave that person. For example, you may call him on his exaggerate desire to always have fun.

The Gemini man simply loves variety and change. If down, he may also become untrustworthy, mean and even more detached than usual. You may need a lot of patience and strength to make him pay attention to your needs.

Furthermore, you have to be clear about what you want and to express yourself openly all the time. He likes it when his lady is being specific about her desires, but he needs to be reminded from time to time to also take care of her. This man will always learn new things, so if you can be patient and assertive enough with him, he may learn how to express himself more efficiently when with you. Take advantage of the right moment and study his mood when having the discussion about what you two should do.

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives.

She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. Menu i. Search Search for: Search.A Gemini in love is very alluring. Gemini men and women are renowned for being curious about almost everything, making them very good listeners and conversationalists. The personal attention and intense eye contact makes them almost irresistible.

They are very successful flirts, tend to make friends very easily and find dating equally easy. This friendliness applies to their lovers, as they are known to love falling in love with their 'best friends' and see the ultimate romance in that approach. Geminis are very intellectual yet light enough that there is fun to be had on any topic. If you have compatible views on art or politics, expect to be entertained for hours as your Gemini dazzles you with their smart views on shifting topics.

Geminis are very articulate and likely to be excellent communicators.

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The dueling sides of Gemini can sometimes be perceived as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, perhaps unfairly. This is simply to do with mood swings.

Gemini in love

Geminis can shift quickly in either direction, positive or negative. Geminis in love can be warrior-like in love arguments. Be prepared for intense verbal sparring followed quickly with intense making up.

The dramatic appeals to them in their partners. They hate being bored and are known to spice things up themselves purposely just to keep the fires burning.

They also hate losing the chance to have 'the last word'. To love a Gemini means valuing them and the relationship more than always being right. This will smooth things over for proud Geminis and they will relent and be cuddly and appreciative in return.

There can be undercurrents of insecurity in Geminis that fuel all that moody passion. They just need to know they are adored and accepted and then the path is opened for a fulfilling passionate partnership. Geminis are master flirts and as such don't need as much personal attention from their lovers as some other signs do.

They can happily commit, but please don't expect them to stop being friendly. They are incapable of not being friendly and don't see anything wrong in their behavior, and may become tired of a more possessive partner. If conflict arrises, you may find you really have to focus on how you are trying to reason with your Gemini.

Known for their keen intelligence, they sometimes take extra convincing, but they are smart enough to acknowledge the flip side of situations and can easily shift their opinion.

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Just don't nag a Gemini. That instantly will defeat your purpose. Geminis are very creative and dramatic types and can easily be deemed one of the most easy signs to love. Always up for an adventure or even a life change, they will love you for being creative and imaginative and also very supportive of any big changes you wish to make in your career, etc.

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