Speedway Motors employees enjoy not only helping our customers, but also turning some wrenches in their downtime as well. Take Zach R. Zach got enlisted by a friend to help rebuild the 7. Follow along as Zach works over the old 10 bolt and brings it back to life. Upgrade your cam, intake, headers, stall converter, and the list goes on from there.

One intimidating part for a lot of guys is the rear end. Recently a friend enlisted me to help rebuild his 7. We started by getting a rebuilt kit from Motive Gear. This ring and pinion install kit comes with new pinion bearings, carrier bearings, races, crush sleeve, pinion nut, pinion seal, a gasket and even has the gear marking grease included.

Before disassembly, we marked the bearing caps and kept the side bearing shims on the correct side. This will ensure that your backlash is correct without having to swap the shims. Next we disassembled everything, starting with the cross pin bolt, cross pin and C clips. After that we removed the old bearings and cleaned all the parts up in the solvent tank. Once you give everything a thorough inspection you can begin the re-assembly process.

Toyota camry valve cover gasket

Note: The 7. Many times when you are rebuilding an existing rear end you want to save the original pinion bearing shim and re use it under the new bearing. We pressed the new bearings onto the carrier and the front pinion bearing and went ahead and put the assembly together into the housing. An important step I like to take is to assemble the pinion and differential case without the crush sleeve or the new pinion nut.

This allows you to put the pinion gear in, set the pinion bearing pre-load, set the backlash and then run a contact pattern without the chance of compressing the crush sleeve too much. We were lucky and had a desirable contact pattern on both the drive and coast sides of the gear teeth. However, when you have new gears, a new posi unit, and other variables like mixing housings with differentials you might have to try multiple shims to get a good pattern. Now that we know our pinion depth shim is correct we can do the final assembly.

One thing often overlooked is the RTV sealant that needs to be applied to the splines otherwise rear end grease can leak past the splinesand locktite on the new pinion nut. I also like to put some oil on the seal surface of the yoke to avoid tearing the new pinion seal.

When compressing the crush sleeve, many guys use an impact wrench and end up crushing it too far, ruining the sleeve.

The correct way to do this is to use the yoke lock part of the setup tool kit we bought and use a breaker bar with a cheater pipe.

chevy 10 bolt ring and pinion install

I like to slowly tighten the new pinion nut until I take up all of the front to back free play. From there I make very minute changes, checking the pre load with the inch lb torque wrench several times. This is very important, because if you go too far the crush sleeve will be ruined. Now that the hard part is done you can re install the carrier with the shims in place, torque the bearing caps and run one more contact pattern to make sure everything is good to go.

If it checks out you can put your axles back in, C clips on, cross pin and bolt and you are ready to put the cover on and fill it with rear end lube! Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Videos All Videos. Tags: Tech.

Related Articles. After installing a new cam in a LQ4 6.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Selecting the correct hypoid gears for your vehicle and application is essential for attaining maximum performance. The gears are shaped as a revolved hyperboloid, which means that the pitch surface of the gear itself is a hyperbolic surface.

Hypoid gears are centered off-axis, where the pinion gear sits lower than the centerline of the ring gear, allowing the pinion gear to be larger than it would be if it were on-center.

Because of the size and spiral angle of the pinion gear, hypoids engage multiple teeth at once, so they can handle higher torque loads. One of the side effects of the hypoid design is a sliding action of the gear teeth as they rotate.

This is where a lot of issues appear. As the teeth slide along each other, the friction generates heat, which is the enemy of gears. If a differential runs low on gear oil for even a short time it results in serious damage so that it is unrepairable; you have to replace the gears.

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The gears must be arranged in a very specific position relative to each other, within a couple of thousandths of mesh. This is expressed numerically as. The problem is that while it is easy to measure the clearance between a crankshaft journal and a rod, doing the same on a ring gear set is much more difficult. See Chapter 7 for more details.

Determine Gear Ratio. Determining the ratio of gears installed inside your housing is simple. You need to count the rotations of the tires and the driveshaft at the same time. It is easiest with a helper, but you can do it alone with some preparation. First, you need a floor jack, jackstands, tape or a grease marker, as well as paper and a pen.

Jack the vehicle up until the wheels are suspended. Secure the jackstands under the vehicle and rest the weight of the car on the stands. Never work under a car with just a floor jack. If the floor jack fails, you can be severely injured. Place a piece of tape from the fender to the tire or to the ground and to the tire along the sidewall. This is the rotational marker. Place another piece of tape from the driveshaft to the housing.

This is the driveshaft marker. If you are working by yourself, you can put the tire marker on the inside of the tire so you can see it from under the car. A sizing code is stamped on every pinion shaft. Gears are built as a matched set, and they cannot be interchanged. The number of teeth is stamped on each gear. The small number is the pinion gear tooth count; the large number is the ring gear tooth count.

You divide the big number by the little number to get the ratio. This 3. The gear measures 8. To change gear ratios, you need different pinion gear sizes. This pinion gear left is a 4. This is part of the reason that different carriers are required for certain gear ranges.The axle assembly work begins when the differential components are fully disassembled, cleaned, and ready for reinstallation. If you are reusing the same ring and pinion gears and differential carrier, re-assembly is relatively simple because the mesh pattern does not have to be reset so the shims remain the same.

Nothing really moves. Before proceeding, verify that you have the correct parts. Check that the gears are actually the ratio that you ordered.

chevy 10 bolt ring and pinion install

This is the final safety check. Two main settings are critical to the operation of the axle assembly: pinion depth and backlash. Setting the backlash is essential for attaining maximum performance and gear life from the ring and pinion gear. Photo Courtesy Tony E. You use the same procedure for properly setting up the gears for a or bolt, regardless of the actual version you have.

The only differences are a few of the settings specs, which vary by version and year. You start the procedure by setting pinion depth. You should begin by using the stock shim when installing a new pinion gear. Use a caliper micrometer to measure the width of the shims. Step:2 Calculate Pinion Depth Documentation Required You need to correctly figure out the pinion depth and therefore the required shim stack. Two shims were used here to match the chosen spec, which for this bolt passenger car was set at.

The original shim was. The starting point is usually a rough guess between the factory spec and the previously installed shim. Following the procedure detailed in Chapter 6, install the pinion with the gear and bearing assembled and loaded into the housing. To set the pinion depth, install a new outer pinion bearing, without a crush sleeve, over the new pinion shaft. Use gear oil to lubricate the original pinion yoke washer.

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You should also prelube the bearings. Use an impact wrench or ratchet to install the pinion yoke to the pinion. Be careful; there is no crush sleeve to take up the slack. The nut should be tightened slowly until the bearings contact the races and then tightened just a little bit more. Spin the yoke by hand; you should feel some drag. It should not be loose or tight.

GM 10 Bolt Rebuild Instructions

You have installed the new gears per Chapter 6. The carrier has new bearings, to which the new race and original shims are positioned. Slide the assembly into the housing.

If there is a certain amount of slop between the carrier bearing and the case, you need to add more shims. If it is too tight, try pushing the shims in after the carrier is in. This is all done by feel; pack in as many shims as you can. You want the carrier shims as tight as possible. If the carrier is loose or too tight, a new shim pack is in order.Display Options.

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Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. What is this? Loading Today Estimated International Date Loading Today. Ring and Pinion Installation Kit, Ford, 8. GM, Bolt, Kit.

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Ring and Pinion Gear Installation Kits

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Ring and Pinion Installation Instructions

International delivery. United States delivery. Ring and Pinion Gear Installation Kits Trying to figure out how to install your new ring and pinion gears? Our ring and pinion gear installation kits will make your ring and pinion install a quicker, easier job by supplying all the essential pieces—bearings, bolts, gaskets, shims, seals, and more. Complete your ring and pinion setup with helpful ring and pinion gear installation kits from Summit Racing and our huge family of brands—Ratech, Yukon Gear, Richmond Gear, Motive Gear, Currie, and more.

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View By Product Groups.How do you install a ring and pinion gear?

How to Install a Chevy and GM Axle Assembly and Differential

We are pleased to make available the set up instructions to assist you with the repair or ratio change in your vehicle. In addition to the detailed list of instructions, we offer free technical assistance with the set up by phone with our experience technical staff when you purchase your ring gear and pinion sets from www. We also offer information to assist you in ring gear and pinion tooth pattern interpretation also available is Dana's pinion shim comparative table.

You can also find links to our differential ring and pinion by application data that provide a detailed list of differential components for the most popular differentials, the links are listed below the instruction set.

Be sure to ask about our speciality fluids for your differential, we also offer pois fluid. Purchase your Ring and Pinion Kit drivetrain.

chevy 10 bolt ring and pinion install

When setting the pinion position, many of the service manuals required a final pinion position check by using gauges that verified the dimension from the center line of the differential carrier center line of ring gear to the face of the pinion button.

This surface button is not used on all new gears for verifying the pinion position. The service tools will be used to establish the proper amount of shims required prior to installing the pinion gear. The TOE of the gear tooth is the portion of the tooth surface at the end towards the center. The HEEL of the gear tooth is the portion of the tooth surface at the outer end.

Every gear has a characteristic pattern. The illustrations show typical patterns only, and explains how patterns shift as gear location is changed. When making pinion position changes, shims should be changed in the range of. For example, if the backlash needed to be changed by.

The actual amount of backlash change obtained will vary depending upon the ratio and gear size. High backlash is corrected by moving the ring gear closer to the pinion. Low backlash is corrected by moving the ring gear away from the pinion. These corrections are made by switching shims from one side of the differential case to the other. When making changes, note that two variables are involved.

Example: If you have the backlash set correctly to specifications and you change the pinion position shim, you may have to readjust the backlash to the correct specification before checking the pattern. Refer to pattern interpretation. When handling gears, use care to avoid personal injury.

Drive pattern moves deeper on the tooth flank contact and slightly toward the toe. Drive pattern moves toward the top of the tooth face contact and toward the heel. Chrysler 7. Chrysler 8. Chrysler 9. Dana 30 Ring Gear and Pinion Sets plus differential parts and positraction units. Dana 44 Ring Gear and Pinion Set plus differential parts and positraction units. Dana 60 Ring Gear and Pinion Set plus differential parts and positraction units. Dana 70 Ring Gear and Pinion Set plus differential parts and positraction units.

Dana 80 Ring Gear and Pinion Set plus differential parts and positraction units. Ford Ring gear and Pinion Applications. Ford 7.Manchester United - CSKA Moskva 2-0 1 3. Olympiakos Piraeus - Juventus 0-1 2 5. Liverpool - Spartak Moskva 3-1 1 2. Shakhtar Donetsk - Manchester City 1-3 2 3.

chevy 10 bolt ring and pinion install

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