Semi-auto AK-style shotguns are hardly new, but not too long ago a ban was placed on the importation of Russian sporting firearms that cut off the supply of Siaga and Vepr gauge shotguns into the United States. Since no more were coming in, that left a hole in the market that you could drive a Trabant through, one that Legacy Sports International LSI had taken notice of. Recognizing that optics are a modern-day fact of life, the RS-S1 comes with a Picatinny scope rail mounted directly to the top cover with four screws.

This allows for more conventional mounting of red dots and low power optics while still being able to maintain a reasonable cheek weld with the stock. Underneath the hinged top cover, the guts are decidedly AK-like, it has a long-stroke gas piston operating system with a rotating bolt.

This similarity to AK-pattern rifles means that the RS-S1 is easy to field strip and maintain without much trouble.

You can get the same Beretta chokes as everyone else and easily configure the shotgun to the task at hand. The one-piece stock on the RS-S1 is classified as a thumbhole stock for import reasons, but I found it to be pretty comfortable and ergonomic during my range sessions. The polymer handguards were also comfortable and looked pretty good but they did not do much to mitigate heat after prolonged shooting. The fit was pretty snug from day one. The shotgun ships with two polymer 5-round magazines that are reinforced with steel feed lips.

This is where I feel I should bring up r compliance as it pertains to parts and magazine capacities. My basic understanding is that you need to swap out a certain number of parts for US-made parts before you can use things like higher capacity magazines and folding stocks. The bolt can then be released by either pulling back on the charging handle slightly or pressing the bolt release tab just above the grip on the right side.

This represented a good cross-section of the commonly available ammo that you can get from most any sporting goods store. I wish I could say that the RS-S1 devoured it all without issue, however, I had considerable issues with the Winchester and Estate Cartridge birdshot that I had with me that day. I repeated this at the 12 and yard lines to see how it patterned. After the issues that I had at the range, I reached out to Legacy Sports for some guidance and I was informed that the factory recommends ammunition with a muzzle velocity of at least 1, fps.

I looked back at the boxes of birdshot from the first trip and the velocities were listed at fps, so that explains that.

1988 bayliner trophy

It was like night and day during the next trip, this higher velocity birdshot was just the ticket that the RS-S1 needed to be running like a sewing machine. I ran through mock stages blasting down steel falling plates at close range then immediately turning and hitting static plates farther downrange.

Stiga park mower

Clay pigeons were likewise unsafe in the midst of the RS-S1 and the remains of numerous clays adorned the berm.

I put a little over rounds through the RS-S1 and in that time I made some observations about the shotgun that might help those looking to buy it. Luckily, after many boxes of the shells and flipping the safety on and off multiple times, everything has loosened up pretty good as it is breaking in.

At no point did I feel like I had just punished myself after going through 25 rounds of 00 Buck in just minutes.Legacy Sports International recently announced the debut of its newest semi-automatic shotgun platform, the Pointer Phenoma. Moreover, the Pointer Phenoma line includes several different models in both 12, 20 and 28 gauge, along with.

Also, options includes several different finishes, including camo, Cerakote and more. Additionally, inch barrels are chome-moly lined and proofed for steel shot. The shotgun line also runs on a gas-operated cycling system. The shotgun also features a single-round magazine cut-off. Meanwhile, a fiber-optic front site helps keep shooters on target. With turkey season right around the corner, hunters will appreciate turkey models available in.

Meanwhile, Legacy offers black synthetic and a Turkish Walnut variant for more traditional-minded shooters. Further, the company offers Cerakote options in both gray and bronze as well.

In gauge only, Legacy offers the Phonoma Camo, a laser-etched series featuring a camo stock and forend and Cerakote receiver and barrel with laser etching accents on the receiver that match the camo pattern. The company offers this variant in Realtree Max 5 and burnt bronze Cerakote or Realtree Original with midnight bronze Cerakote.

All Pointer Phenoma shotguns include five different chokes, fiber-optic fronts sights and Duratouch finish and vent rib. For more information, visit legacysports. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data as defined in the Privacy Policy for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter.

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We originally sold the gun brand new back in but since then it has been extremely lightly and remains in excellent overall condition. The …. Weight 7. Supplied with manufacturer's 4 year warranty…. No case Actual Gun Shown.

FIRST LOOK: Legacy Sports Pointer Phenoma Semi-Auto Shotgun

Please Phone or Email for more details. If you decide to buy we can send to your local Registered Firearms Dealer. Built under license from Saiga this AK style practical shotgun which features a detachable box magazine, open sights and picatinney rails.

For further information please quote ref Finance Now available…. Finance Now available with 12,24 or 36 month terms with a minimum 10…. Please follow the link on our main website livens.

A Firearms licence is required to purchase this shotgun. Special Finance Offer - Spread the cost over 6 months at no extra cost. In a advantage timber camo, comes with full set of chokes…. Please note that this gun is new and unused ex-display.


The black Mono AR style …. Hardly used and complete with a hard case and 3 chokes in total. Purchase with confidence from a family….

Manufactured using the latest in technological developments…. Forgot your password? Advert Login Register. Items per page: 10 25 50 New Somerset Trade Seller.

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Next Prev. All fields are required.After being asked by several wildfowler members to suggest a potential gun for their juniors, there was only one winner - the Armsan A Having recently opened a junior section at our local wildfowling club, I was duly asked by several of our members to suggest a potential option for their respective youngsters.

The choice was an easy one for me because I had seen a suitable candidate a few months earlier and have one in the cabinet at home! Armsan has been established since and in the past decade I believe the company is now in the top three three Turkish arms manufacturers.

Armsan 6 лет и 5000 лучшее ружье

Making a variety of practical and hunting pump-action and gas-operated semi-automatic shotgunswith a staff of fewer thanI think Armsan does a pretty good job! Practical and tactical shotguns along with sporting 12 and bore pump and semi-automatic in wood, plastic and various camouflage patterns. The bore CRE8 semi-automatic comes in standard black action or stainless action, with some nicer wood upgrade options.

After all, the company has access to some of the best homegrown walnut on the planet. The gun comes with three chokes as standard. It strips down easily and the internals are well made.

What makes them stand out? You see I have a very keen year-old, who loves his shooting and he was rapidly out growing his. Besides, Christmas was coming and, more importantly, so was the wildfowling season, and bismuth.

So, I took the gamble to jump straight to the bore. I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised. A nice medium-sized rib lines up nicely to a bright red bead. All in all a very pleasant surprise, especially when you throw in a carrying strap and a four year warranty as standard. It stripped down very easily and the internals were surprisingly well made. The trigger mechanism is held in with pins, so easy access while the bolt and slide were easily strippable should you need to deep clean it.

It takes minutes to change the stock should senior decide to borrow the gun or should junior go along with them, which is always a bonus. With the barrel extension it converts quickly to a full-size gun, which is really well thought out and well made. We took the gun along to a family outing where both young and old tried it out.

I noticed that the short stock gave them more strength in the arm, which stopped them from getting tired arms.


We shot a variety of loads, all of which performed admirably with no cycling issues. The novices used 21g while I tried the 24g and 28g — all of which shot well. This gave me confidence in the gun, especially after having owned budget semi-automatics before with cycling issues!

Available in wood, synthetic, right and left handed varieties. Josh is more than happy with his gun and is looking forward to his first trip north of the border!

Weight:6lb 6oz Overall length I find that as long as you keep them clean with a light film of oil over the working parts most semi-automatics work really well. My top tip is to keep the gas ports clear.

Home Reviews Shotguns. After being asked by several wildfowler members to suggest a potential gun for their juniors, there was only one winner - the Armsan A Armsan A Combo.This is the first Weatherby brand autoloader I've had the chance to go through in many years.

Armsan has been defined as a collaboration between Khan and ATA. It is not unusual for test guns to be used, or previously reviewed as the case may be. It is hard to discern from the Weatherby website what the SA 20 gauge barrel is threaded for, but on the supplied example it is for standard Browning Invector WinChoke choke tubes. This Weatherby SA 26 inch barreled twenty gauge is light for a gas-operated auto at six pounds on the nose.

Many of the autoloaders I've tested, Turkish and otherwise, have been equipped with ridiculously heavy triggers: triggers with a break weight far heavier than the gun itself. Thankfully, that isn't the case here, for after substantial initial take-up the trigger breaks at an average of 4 lbs.


There is, in general, a lot to like about this model. The walnut, getting increasingly hard to find in affordable guns is attractive, the forearm and buttstock evenly matched in color and tone. The barrel blued finish is evenly applied and a very nice change from the rough, unfinished matte barrels that are increasingly common.

Instead of a vinyl crucifix or plastic shoulder-stabber, the factory recoil pad is more generous than most, a fairly soft durometer, and is well-finished to the buttstock as well.

Overall, it is a sharp-looking autoloader, markedly better finished than the vast majority of value-priced shotguns out there. It shaves a clean quarter pound or more off the weight of most gas-operated self-loaders, equaling the six pound weight of the Franchi Affinity and Benelli M2 twenty gauge plastic-stocked recoil-operated autoloaders. But, some folks have been grousing a bit ever since, as they bought a "three inch magnum gun" but want to shoot weak target loads out of it, regardless.

The problem with drilling out a gas port is that it is a one-way trip: it is hard to sand metal back on. You've turned your Beretta 3 inch shotgun into a gun suitable for lighter loads, but one that can break links and generally shake itself to pieces if given a steady diet of heavy pheasant loads, much less a few 2 oz.

With a new gun out of the box, there is no way to tweak it for the smoothest, most vibration and stress free operation. In the case of the Beretta A, it was Cole Gunsmithing to the rescue with a set of five secondard gas vent springs so you could essentially have no secondary gas bleed for wimp loads, but can significantly smooth out your gun with higher intensity loads.

They work like a charm. Beyond that, whether we like it or not mass-produced shotguns are individuals and your buddy bragging that "his gun" cycles popper loads is of no help, usefulness or comfort when your example does not. Though very light for a gas auto, this six pound gun is a creampuff to shoot. The only operational point of note is the shell lifter release, found on the left side as shown above.

I found it easiest to use which you won't do very often just by wrapping my forefinger around the front of the trigger guard and pushing back. It is easy to get used to. With the Weatherby's fast handling, light weight, attactive walnut, polished blue barrel, well-finished and soft durometer recoil pad, as well its light factory trigger. The choice is yours, but the walnut is my clear preference.

Copyright by Randy Wakeman.


All Rights Reserved.Legacy Sports International recently announced its newest shotgun variant, the Pointer Phenoma in. Moreover, the semi-automatic shotgun is designed as a hunting gun for adults and kids alike. Firstly, the Pointer Phenoma. Meanwhile, turkey hunters using the. Meanwhile, the. Additionally, receiver finish options include Cerakote accented in gray or bronze, along with Mossy Oak Bottomland and Realtree Original Cerakote finishes, both readily available for upcoming turkey seasons.

Further, the Pointer Phenoma comes standard with five chokes in the box, along with fiber-optic front sights and a gas-operated cycling system.


Moreover, a single-round magazine cut off, Duratouch finish and vent rib round out the package. For more information, visit legacysports. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data as defined in the Privacy Policy for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter.

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Stay in the know with the latest from the Tactical-Life newsletter Sign-up today! Sign up for our newsletter Sign Up. Up Next. Athlon Outdoors Network. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.One of the growth areas in shooting is semi-auto shotguns. One of the most successful, modern, budget makes was Hatsan of Turkey with their Escort. Newer and though from the same country if not stable came ArmSan with their AS, which as I recall Don Brunt looked at in the April edition of the mag.

J32a2 hp

The major difference being a separate floating piston that pushes the operating rods rearwards to cycle the action. Also desert tan and olive drab, plus walnut and laminate furniture, coloured receivers and a slug gun with iron sights and a cantilever scope base. Unlike the earlier AS the Phenoma comes in a plastic carry casewhich is better than a cardboard box. It also arrives with three, flush-fit multi-chokes - Cylinder, Full and Modified, a fitting key and shims to adjust the butt.

The furniture has an American-style, low combed butt with a decent, thick recoil pad. Length of pull comes at The forend is long, slim and tapers to the front; both this and the grip feature textured panels and the material used is slightly tacky to the touch and provides good adhesion. My test gun was a Section 1, though showed a basic, pull-out magazine restrictor rod that reduced the capacity.

This I feel has been done for the US market for their legal requirements on some forms of bird hunting.

Armsan Semi auto Shotgun

By my lights a good, all-rounder. The large, triangular trigger guard is a bit in your face but the bow is deep and wide enough for easy access by gloved fingers. At the rear is a standard, cross-bolt safety but three-sided as opposed to round, which I found overly firm in operation.

Controls are simple and few with a slotted shell lifter; just in case you get a cartridge jump back when the bolt is closed, though it does not need it. The cocking handle is a bit small, which seems to be a common fault these days with most semis! Directly underneath is a large bolt release button, which is well placed for instinctive operation as you drop the first round in the ejection port the finger automatically falls on it. What I particularly liked was the cut-down loading port, which offers fast and easy access to the magazine, even with gloves on.

This is also aided by the red anodised, aluminium mag follower. It took a couple of boxes of shells to run it in but after that it was reliable.

Pointer Shotguns

Trigger pull was workable with a slightly mushy lb break, again something I have come to expect from semis! It also patterned acceptably. I am desperately looking for a recoil spring for a 28ga.

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